'Why Advertisement Is Important'

Published: 16th November 2006
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Why? According to sources the world of internet users is 1 billion and counting as of year 2005. The target market is part of the marketing mix at least one of them (4p's) ?place?, promotion, product, and price.

The management to the whole process is - Determining what your objectives are, is the first step in web site promotion advertisement. When deciding on objectives you must consider, the overall marketing and strategic or plan objectives. The objectives of your product or brand. The consumer price and price points (usefulness, fact and place). The resources you have available.

Here are some of the general advertisement web site promotion objectives ?

Build web site traffic, Links pointing to your site, Visibility, Communication, Maximize long-run profits, Maximize short-run profits, Increase sales volume ? ?quantity,? Increase dollar sales, Increase market share, Obtain a target rate of return on investment known as ? ?ROI,? Obtain a target rate of return on sales, Stabilize market, Company or Business growth, Maintain price leadership, Match competitors prices, Survival, Obtain or maintain the loyalty and enthusiasm of your partners, and other sales personnel, Enhance the image of the web site 0r sites, business, brand, and/or product, Be perceived as ?fair? by customers and potential customers, Create interest and excitement about a product or service, Use price to make the product ?visible", Build store ?traffic,? Prepare for the sale of the business, and get competitive advantage.

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